Windows Defender Blocked by Group Policy? Try These 4 Methods in 2023

Windows Defender Blocked by Group Policy

Windows Defender is an excellent software that not only protects your operating system from malware attacks but also consumes fewer resources on your PC than traditional anti-virus. But, sometimes it throws errors saying Windows Defender is blocked by Group Policy. This error mostly pops up when the currently installed anti-virus on the system disables Windows Defender to avoid any software conflicts and complications. And Windows Defender stopped by Group Policy error is one of the most common Windows Defender errors.

This error often occurs when you install malware either by accident or through other antivirus software. Incidentally on your PC, if you accidentally turn off Windows Defender, then an error occurs. So how to fix windows defender blocked by group policy error? Keep reading, the following paragraphs will tell you 4 effective and convenient solutions to solve this problem. So, to solve this problem, the following methods should be followed.

1. Uninstall Other Third-Party Anti-Virus Or Security Software:

Uninstall Other Third-Party Anti-Virus Or Security Software

Installing other third-party anti-virus or security software will definitely disable the built-in security app Windows Defender. If you want to use Windows Defender as your primary security application, you must first uninstall the other anti-virus program.

  • Go to the Settings app by pressing the gear button in the Start menu.
  • Go to the Apps option in the card menu and click on it to open it. Scroll down until you notice a Third-party application installed on your laptop. Pressing on it opens a menu with uninstall option.
  • Click on Uninstall and complete the uninstall process via the dialog box that pops up. If we have a choice as to whether we want to keep any files, decline them or delete all files related to the software to resolve any conflicts.
  • After successful uninstallation, reboot your system.
  • Now open Windows Defender. Go to Settings, then the last option is Updates and Security. In the left navigation pane, select Windows Security and open Windows Defender by clicking the Open Windows Security option. Try enabling Windows Defender and see if you can start it without Windows Defender being blocked with a Group Policy error.

2. Check The Status Of Windows Defender:

Check The Status Of Windows Defender

The first step here is to see if Windows Defender is currently turned on. Very often, for unknown reasons, Windows Defender is disabled. So, to make sure it’s turned on, go to the Settings app from the Windows Start menu. This applies to Windows 8 and 10. For lower versions of Windows, you can find the option in the Control Panel.

From that app, search for Windows Defender Settings. Under Settings, you should find that Windows Defender is turned on and Real-Time Protection is also turned on. After starting Windows Defender the problem should be solved.

3. Using The Microsoft Windows Services To Turn On The Windows Defender:

Using The Microsoft Windows Services To Turn On The Windows Defender

If the previous trick with the Windows Registry didn’t do you any justice, it’s time to enter the Windows Services Vault and turn on Windows Defender from there. This process is very simple like the previous one, so you don’t need to worry here. You need to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Windows Run window by typing the Windows key + R keys simultaneously or by finding it under the Windows Start menu.
  • In the Run box, enter the following command and press Enter – services.msc
  • In the new services window that opens, find the option for Windows Defender.
  • After finding the Windows Defender option, double-click on it and then make sure to open Advanced Settings.
  • Inside Advanced Settings, find the Startup Type option and make sure the parameters are set to Automatic. Then, turn on Windows Defender by pressing the Start button.

    4. Restart Your Operating System:

Restart Your Operating System

This is one of the most common steps you can take to get rid of Windows Defender blocked by a Group Policy error that causes Windows Defender not to function or start as expected. If you have uninstalled any security-related application or finished updating your laptop, a simple reboot can fix this problem.

To restart your Windows PC or laptop,

  • Go to the Start menu icon on the taskbar.
  • Then press the Power icon, and from the menu that expands, press the Reboot button. Do not power off the machine.
  • When the machine starts, try to open Windows Defender from the Settings app or Control Panel and see if you still get Windows Defender blocked by a Group Policy error.


So, the four best and easy steps to fix this error are Windows Defender Group Policy is turned off by Windows PC error. This app is essential for the security of your computer and you cannot compromise on security. So, take note and change it or update this software so that you can do your home tasks easily and recover from this error. If you face any problem while trying to get rid of this windows defender or face any problem windows defender stop by the group policy windows pc error code issue then comment on that error freely in below comment section.

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