Why Does Your Apple Watch Keep Locking – Best Fixes in 2022

Apple Watch Keep Locking

Apple Watch is a great device and has released several updates to its watchOS software to enhance the user experience. One of the many good things about owning an Apple device is that your data and information are always protected. Data security is one of Apple’s primary concerns and the company is committed to ensuring that all of its products have robust security features. The smartwatch is one of the best gifts for men and women out there. It is one of the most powerful Android devices you can wear on your wrist and has unique features.

But the biggest question is how it works and what are the most common problems it faces. A watch is a device that connects your smartphone to your wrist and is the best way to control the phone from your wrist. But the question is why is it sometimes-locked? t is very uncomfortable. To find out if this is due to a common mistake on your part or an error in the software update, keep reading. We will also share some solutions that have helped other users in the past in resolving this issue.

Methods To Fix Your Apple Watch keeps locking:

Below are the six methods to fix Your Apple Watch keeps locking

Method 1:Check that you’re wearing the Apple Watch correctly:

Check that you’re wearing the Apple Watch correctly

You also need to make sure that you do not wear your Apple Watch too loose. If there is a gap between the watch band and your skin, the watch will lose contact with you for a few seconds, which could cause the watch to lock. You don’t have to do it uncomfortably tight, but it should be comfortable.

Additionally, although this has not been confirmed by Apple, some users have reported that the watch is locked if worn too far away from the hand, above the wrist bone. If you have problems, try wearing it close to (or in front of) the wrist.

Method 2: Turn wrist detection ON or OFF:

Turn wrist detection ON or OFF

You can also fix this problem by turning it on if you have not already turned on your wrist recognition. In the section where we talked about why this happens, we mentioned checking to see if the wrist recognition is turned off. If it is, turn it on and notice if it resolves the issue. If it’s already online, you can do either. You can turn it off and then decide to turn it back on or off permanently.

To turn wrist detection on or off go to the settings on your Apple Watch >> Press Passcode >> Press the switch next to the Wrist Detection >> If a confirmation alert is received, select On or Off. The switch is on the left side after you turn it off or on the right side when you turn it on.

Method 3: Update Your Watch:

Update Your Watch

If you notice this problem, check for updates. If there are updates available, install the updates. However, you may have noticed that the problem started as soon as you updated your smartwatch. If this happens, it’s probably just a bug and will be fixed with the next update. Try any of the other solutions to see if they help!

Method 4: Reset Your Watch:

Reset Your Watch

Resetting your watch is different from restarting. If a resume does not resolve issues, consider resetting it. You may want to back up your data first, so you do not lose everything after the reset. You can choose whether or not to restore your data after the reset, it’s all up to you!

Method 5: Switch the wrist:

Switch the wrist

If the problem is having black tattoos on your wrist, you can solve it by switching to your other wrist even if you do not have dark tattoos on your wrist.

Method6: Wear shorter sleeves:

Wear shorter sleeves

If you have trouble wearing long sleeves, you can wear short sleeves or make sure your watch is tight on your wrist under your sleeve. In this way, the fabric will not get in the way.

Method 7: Clean the back of the watch:

Clean the back of the watch

If the sensors on the back of the watch are dirty, it could lose track of your wrist and lock. Try cleaning it by soaking the clock in water and then wiping it with a non-abrasive cloth. For more information on how to properly clean your Apple Watch.

Method8: Get your Apple Watch serviced:

Get your Apple Watch serviced

If none of those problems solve your problem, your watch sensor is likely to fail. Inspect the watch through an Apple technician and then contact Apple Customer Service for repair or replacement.


It’s very easy to lock your Apple Watch because many wrong passcode attempts or forgetting the passcode will do the job on your watch. Unlocking the Apple Watch is also, fortunately, very easy. There are many ways to do this and our guide above will cover both for you. So the above methods are definitely useful for you for keeping your Apple Watch locked.

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