Top 5 Most Expensive Gaming Pc in india – That You can Buy In 2022

Top 5 Most Expensive Gaming Pc in india

Top 5 Most Expensive Gaming Pc in India: What exactly makes a device one of the best gaming PCs in 2022 is far more difficult to quantify than in the last years, particularly regarding all that’s occurred in the world of the best graphics cards.

While prebuilt gaming rigs were once preferable to home building for factors such as a manufacturer’s extended security and peace of mind, nowadays, readymade rigs are, in many cases, a more cost-effective way to get your hands on the latest and greatest PC components as well.

The basis of gaming PCs have mostly occurred due to the inability of gadgets like smartphones and tablets to take the high-end functionality of the games with little to no room for graphic elation, qualifying substitutes to consoles, PC gaming allows controllability with keyboard and mouse which makes gaming an effortless fun-filled action.

One more component about gaming PCs is that as a general rule, gamers relish altering their gaming arrangement according to their inclinations. Most costly gaming pc and High-end gaming PCs that cost more than 1 million yen! Leader gaming PCs are accessible from makers around the year’s end. I attempted to gather the most indispensable extravagance gaming PC with the most significant determinations.

1. OMEN X by HP 900-200jp: Most expensive gaming pc

OMEN X by HP 900-200jp

HP’s lead gaming PC is apparently the most essential spec right now. I’m eager to see what sort of world the two GTX 1080 Ti cuts are like.


  • Intel center X and X299 Chipset
  • GTX1080 Ti SLI (double)
  • Water cooling
  • Replaceable HDD
  • Overpowering presence
  • Straightforward sideboard

The skewed plan with a mind-boggling presence is a structure that thinks about heat scattering. The admission air is rarely obstructed, and the hotness scattering is by all accounts depleted from the whole motherboard. Dell’s AREA-51 Platinum VR depicted later, is additionally produced using such a plan idea.

2. ASUS ROG GT51CH and others

ASUS ROG GT51CH and others

The leader model furnishes with SLI, has additionally been presented by ASUS. It’s anything but a special plan like HP and DELL, yet it is portrayed by a sharp and snappy plan while keeping up with the pinnacle shape. Moreover, it is intended to stimulate the personalities of gamers who additionally support LED interlocking.


Center i7-7700K
Memory 64GB (DDR4-2400)
GTX1080 x2 (NVIDIA SLI viable)

The spec feature is not water cooling, but it equips with SSD RAID 0, which pursues overwhelming speed. In addition, the interior is sloped so that the back is lowered, achieving efficient airflow. The price is in the 700,000 yen range, which is typical of high-end gaming PCs.

3. ROG GX800VH (GX800VH-GY004T)

3. ROG GX800VH (GX800VH-GY004T)

Moreover, ASUS has a beast-class gaming notebook that carries out SLI even on PCs, it appears to be that it is selling admirably.


Center i7-7820HK
Memory 64GB (DDR4-2400)
GTX1080 x 2 (SLI viable)
Separable water cooling unit

This is a costly gaming PC selling for 800,000 yen, however, the cost is sensible, for example, being remarkable and having a devoted convey. Despite the fact that SSD RAID0 is quick, there is a difficult situation because of equal activity, so it prescribes backing up significant information to an outside stockpiling gadget. This is on the grounds that the HDD isn’t connected as an assistant stockpiling gadget.

4. Lenovo IdeaCentre Y720 Cube

Lenovo IdeaCentre Y720 Cube

It is a plan arranged gaming PC that can introduce up to the GTX 1080 while being reduced. Additionally, even at the top, the real cost is amazingly low at 200,000 yen.


Core i7-7700
Memory 16GB (8GBx2)

The pinnacle type Y720 depends on GTX 1070, so this is a higher spec. I suggest this is a direct result of its little size, plan, movability, and cost.

5. ALIENWARE AREA-51 Platinum VR


The motivation behind why it is a rice ball type is that regardless of whether it is appended to the divider, it doesn’t hinder heat dispersal. * For some explanation, it is less expensive to choose the GTX 1080 Ti, however, if it’s not too much trouble, note that the market cost and conversion standard might influence it.


Core i7-6900K
GTX1080 8GB
(Double GTX 1080 Ti is accessible as a choice)

Because of its extraordinary wind current, it can alternatively tweak with double GTX 1080Ti additions in SLI design. All things considered, the cost is predominantly modest, in the 400,000 yen range. True to form, it is a worldwide merchant.


The above gaming laptops are the most costly in the current world market. All are best in their field with having their own discernable highlights. You can go with anybody relying on your spending plan and decision. In any case, if you were to request that I pick one of the above most costly gaming PCs on the planet, I will pick two.

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