The Razer Core X External GPU Enclosure Is A Toned Down Razer Core V2

Razer has just announced the Razer Core X external GPU encosure which is not an upgrade over the Razer Core V2 but, it’s more of a toned down version of it costing about 200 Dollars less in the US.

Razer Core X Specifications

  • Connection to PC: Thunderbolt 3
  • Connector Type: USB Type-C (40 Gbps)
  • Internal Power Supply: 650W
  • Supported GPU Type: Up to 3-Slot wide, full-length, PCI-Express x16 graphics card
  • GPU Max Power Support: 500W
  • System Requirements: Windows 10 64bit (RS1 or above) or macOS High Sierra (10.13.4 or later)
  • Laptop Power Delivery: Upto 100W (Through the USB Type-C port)
  • Dimensions: 61″ (Width) x 14.72″ (Depth) x 9.06″ (Height)

The Razer Core X is basically a lower-end version of the Razer Core V2. It can still fit a full size Graphics Card inside but, it is smaller in size. Though you do lose a few things here, specially those USB Type-A ports are not present in the Razer Core X. So, you cannot plug in your accessories into it. However, you can plug in your external monitor which you should definitely do while gaming.

The Razer Core X costs $299 Dollars in the US & the European Price is €299. Compared to the $499 Razer Core V2, this looks to be a way better value. The reduction of features seemed to be minimal & the users are basically able to enjoy the same gaming pc experience that they would with the Razer Core V2.

Oh, and the Razer Core X & Razer Core V2 both now support macOS so, if you want to game on your Macbook with the help of those Thunderbolt 3 ports, you can. But, you have to use an AMD GPU in that case.

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