Samsung Showcase Their 4 new Infinity Display Types

Samsung Infinity Displays

Talking about Samsung, the first thing that strikes about them is the display. Samsung being one of the known OEM’s in displays, we see new invention everytime. Recently there has been rumors on for the Infinity display on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

Some of the rumors made were correct & some were not. For those who are still wondering on what the Samsung Infinity are, then here an explanation. Recently at Samsung Developer Conference, they showcased their 4 new Display for 2019. These displays are called the Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O, and New Infinity.

We will be seeing these displays on the best smartphone launching in 2019, whereas the “New Infinity” display will be seen in 2019’s Samsung “A” Series.

However, the Infinity O display was leaked recently as was expected to be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S series. There is also a lot of possibilities that the Samsung S10 might come with the New Infinity display panel.  But, we are yet waiting for the final confirmation.

By the mid of 2019 will be seeing the first alteration on the Samsung 2019 A Series. According to the recent leak, this A series will also be equipped with Optical Screen Fingerprinting System. Until its launch, it is really hard to say what display the S10 has.

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