Do You Know Which Are The Rare Electric Guitars? Get The List Here

Rare Electric Guitars

The value of the guitar increases rapidly depending on the famous musician who owned it. Whereas, electric guitars are one of the most collected and valuable musical instruments in the world. In fact, the rare guitars are considered in their history, not by the producers. Additionally, today in this list we have sorted a list of the rare electric guitars so that you don’t have to research much.

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Below Are the Rare Electric Guitars

1. Fender No-Caster

It has one of the most popular solid electric guitar bodies in history. Whereas, Fender no caster produced only 475 guitars and only one guitar was sold on an auction in 2012 for $225,000. Fender is a guitar that has an interesting history.

2. Original Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

Black Beauty was the very first of Gibson’s famous Les Paul model guitars which labeled as the model for all the later models in the line. In fact, this guitar was personally owned and worked by Les Paul himself, making it the rarest electric guitar in the world. Whereas, in 2015 Black Beauty was sold at for $335,500 in an auction which is purchased by Indianapolis Colts owner.

3. Vox V251 Guitar Organ Prototype

This Vox guitar prototype are some of the rarest electric guitars ever produced in history. Whereas, the V251 Guitar Organ was invented by Vox’s lead engineer Dick Denney in the early 1960s. This Vox prototype was sold at auction for $305,000. This guitar parts could be played as a guitar or an organ, separately or combined.

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