Five Methods to Solve Netflix Error Code m7353-5101 [Latest]

Netflix Error Code m7353-5101

Netflix, a subscription-based movie-rental service, has already conquered many mobiles and laptops around the world. Undoubtedly, Netflix offers excellent quality online streaming. Hence, our hopes and expectations are high on this platform. But when we see the flaws in such a medium, we are a little surprised. If you have recently encountered an error in Netflix, I will let you know the methods to fix Netflix error code: m7353-5101.

This prevents Netflix from working the way it should. If you see this, it’s likely that one of your browser extensions is at fault. However, this isn’t necessarily the case – there could be many potential culprits behind your Netflix hiccups. If you want to fix Netflix error code m7353 5101 quickly and effectively, be sure to work your way through our guide – it has easy-to-apply instructions that will help you eradicate the problem.

1. Update Google Chrome:

Update Google Chrome

Sometimes the M7353-5101 error occurs when users access the application from a browser, especially Chrome. So, if you’re using Google Chrome, update your browser and try the Netflix account again. The procedure is as follows:

  • Open your Chrome browser
  • Go to the top-right corner of the screen and click on the menu icon (three vertical dots).
  • Select Help > About Google Chrome.
  • On the next page, you will see the current version of your browser. It automatically installs available updates as soon as you go to the browser’s About page.

    2. Disable the Extension on Google Chrome:

Disable the Extension on Google Chrome

It’s not uncommon for certain extensions in a browser to become problematic. However, your experience may not be normal when these problematic extensions are enabled and find a way to affect Netflix. Due to their influence, you may see error code M7353 5101 while using this streaming service. Our technical experts believe that such extensions should be disabled to minimize their impact on Netflix. As expected, the error code is also blocked. You can view all the extensions of your browser like Google Chrome through its address bar. You can find enabled extensions and select unnecessary ones. These extensions can be disabled individually. Then you can try using Netflix. It should start working.

  • On your system, launch “Google Chrome”.
  • Visit Chrome’s “address bar”.
  • Next, type “chrome://extensions” in the bar.
  • Press the “Enter” key.
  • Read the list of extensions on your screen.
  • See Enabled Extensions.
  • Identify extensions that are turned on but not required.
  • Unnecessary extensions should be disabled. Press the toggle button to do so.
  • Any add-ons that are activated but not required will also be disabled.
  • Visit the “Netflix” page.
  • Refresh this page once.

Then play the movie on this platform. Netflix error M7353 5101 won’t bother you anymore.

3. Restart Your System and Play Netflix:

Restart Your System and Play Netflix

Restarting your system is a measure you take when various types of problems arise. When you are streaming movies on Netflix on your laptop and you start experiencing the M7353 5101 error code, restarting the machine is helpful. You can first turn it off safely from the start menu. After this, you can start the machine. Next to this, you can use your browser to open Netflix. A video needs to be played to check that the M7353 5101 error no longer appears.

  • Press the “Windows” key,
  • Click on “Power” in the “Start Menu”.
  • Then select “Shut Down”.
  • It may take a few seconds for your system to turn off. Then you can start it again.
  • Launch “Netflix” from the browser.

4. Turn Off Your Security Software:

Turn Off Your Security Software

Your security software may have flagged Netflix as suspicious. If so, we recommend that you disable it temporarily to check if the problem is really behind it. If Netflix works fine when your anti-malware protection is off, check the app’s manual to learn how to whitelist Netflix. If the problem persists, consider switching to another security program. For example, Auslogics Anti-Malware protects your system from conflicting with safe and trusted apps or services.

5. Disable or turn off the proxy server:

Disable or turn off the proxy server

If you have the proxy server setting enabled, you can try disabling it. Doing so may fix the Netflix error code. Follow the steps below:

  • Start by pressing Windows + R all the way to open the RUN dialog box.
  • In the blank typing space, type “inetcpl.cpl” and press Enter.
  • Now in Internet Properties, select the Connection tab and open the window.
  • Here select “LAN Setting” tab.
  • In the next window, tick the blank checkbox named “Use a proxy server for your LAN”. And click, OK.
  • Finally, select the “Apply” button.
  • This may fix the Netflix error code now. You can check it by using your Netflix account once.


Error M7353 5101 in Netflix is a problem with browser extensions. This occurs when the extension is incorrect. The extension may be faulty due to a problematic browser. This error code is capable of appearing on both Windows and Mac systems. This can be fixed on both these computers by following the best solutions. Some of these solutions are included in this reading. By laying out their correct steps, we have made your work easier. Now, the error M7353 5101 may have stopped arising. You may not have any problems running Netflix after this. On this page, you can also find the best solutions for Netflix code TVQ ST 103 error.

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