How To Track Location of an Android Phone – Find Your Lost Phone

Track Location of an Android Phone

Today, I am going to share a very important and useful trick for all Android users. Whereas, with the help of this article, you can track the location of any Android mobile phone and also, it allows you to erase and lock the target phone. Whereas, get ready to know how to track an Android phone easily using Android features. Nevertheless, I am sure you heard about the ‘Find my Device‘ application available on Play Store and App Store. This app is developed by Google LLC and it is available for Free worldwide. In this article, you will find details about How To Track Location of an Android Phone.

What is Find My Device Application

First of all, find My Device is an Android Application provided by Google LLC and it is available for both users: Android and iOS users as well. Nevertheless, this app is available worldwide and it is a very low size application that is 2-3 MB only. This application works on Google email ID and it requires the same email ID in both the devices: in-hand device and target device.

Additional Features of Find My Device on Android or iPhone Devices

Track Android Phone with Exact Location (100% Accuracy)

Firstly, this is a mostly used feature of the Find My Device application and we have discussed this feature above. In fact, when you try to locate a device, Google shows a notification to the same device as: ‘This Device is being tried to be located’. I think it is not good if your phone got stolen by someone.

Erase the Data of the Android Phone Remotely

Also, you can erase the complete data of the Android phone remotely if your target device has an Internet connection. Whereas, you need to send the same request from the current device and once the target device gets connected to the Internet, it will start erasing the data remotely.

You Can Ring Your Target Phone Loudly Either it is on Silent Mode

First of all, you can send a request to ring the Android phone loudly using this feature on Find My Device. If the target device is on Silent mode, the device will start ringing in full volume. So, it is also a good feature if you forgot where you put your Android phone in your house or office. Just try this feature and it will ring.

How To Track Location of an Android Phone

Below, are the detailed guide on how to track Android phones with the exact location and this trick is 100% working over the internet. So make sure to read this full article and recommend to your friends and family who have lost their phone. Below are the steps that you must follow in order to take find your lost Android phone.

The Proform, then again, gets additional highlights like taking pictures, movement alarm, contacts, gadget details, admittance to more location info history and the sky is the limit from there.

  • Firstly, Take your phone in your hands and install ‘Find My Device’ from Google Play Store or visit the official website.
  • Log in to your google account using this application or try to log into via the main setting.
  • Now, it will fetch the list of all the device which has the same Google Email ID logged in at the same time.
  • Select your device name and click on locate device option available on your screen.
  • Whereas, it will start showing the location of the device if that has an active Internet connection and GPS enabled.

Note: If the device has not an active Internet connection, it will show you the last location history where the device has an Internet connection.

That’s it, these are the steps for How To Track Location of an Android Phone that you must follow. If you have any queries or any other methods that you would like to add up to this list then you can feel free to drop them in the comment section below in this article.


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