How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S21 in 5 Simple Methods

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S21

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S21: The Galaxy S21 has just come and you have got yours, and you want to know how to convey something with a contact. Take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S21 to do so. As a result, it’s easy to make, edit, and then share. A few seconds after taking a screenshot, editing it, and sending it to a friend via WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, or any other messaging service, you can do it all. When it arrives to taking screenshots.

You have a bunch of other options for Samsung phone advances that make it more useful than the usual Android handset. Although the S21 has accepted specific improvements, the basic ideas remain the same.

1. Using the buttons on the Galaxy S21 screenshot

Using the buttons on the Galaxy S21 screenshot

Samsung allows clients to take a screenshot utilizing the standard Android way of squeezing the buttons:

  • Make sure the stuff you want to record is viewable on the screen before you start.
  • Push the right-side standby and volume down buttons at the same time.
  • Flashing and putting the “screenshots” in the album/envelope in the gallery, the screen will be captured.
  • Please remember that the Galaxy S7 and other smartphones that utilized a combination of standby and the
  • home buttons are not the situation here. The power controls will be launched in the event that you press and hold the button for quite a while.

2. Using Palm Swipe

Using Palm Swipe

Samsung also gives a signal-based technique, which has been available on the company’s smartphones for quite a while. This is the way to inspire it to do what you want.

  • Make sure you’re in the settings menu and pick developments and signals, then, at that point, select palm swipe. Turn on the switch on the off chance that it isn’t already.
  • Utilize the side of your hand to swipe across the screen. It is equally powerful to Swipe left or right.
    Flashing and putting away in the “screenshots” album/envelope in the gallery, the screen will be recorded.

3. Using Digital Assistant

Using Digital Assistant

A screenshot may be taken by advising your digital assistant to do as such. For Google Assistant or Bixby, you may utilize this gadget. Bixby may be activated by squeezing and holding the power button or by swiping up from the lower part of your telephone to access Google Assistant.

Say, “Take a screenshot,” as soon as you hear the voice brief. Following a short display of the screenshot in miniature in the lower-right corner, you’ll see a flashing variant of the screen. The screenshot may be trimmed, altered, or tagged simply by tapping on it.

4. The screenshot was taken with the smart capture/screenshot toolbar

Using the Galaxy S20 or S21, you’ll see that the smart capture – presently named the screenshot toolbar – is capable of significantly something beyond taking a screenshot. You don’t have to launch your gallery app to alter your screenshots utilizing this feature, which is elite to Samsung.

  • Turn on smart capture in settings > advanced features > screenshots and screen recording (it will be on as a matter of course)
  • At the point when you take a screenshot, you’ll see a popup with extra decisions at the lower part of the page (as displayed above). The parchment capture, meant by the arrows pointing down, is the most accommodating feature.
  • For example, while you’re looking through an extended site, you may use scroll capture to incorporate areas of the screen you can see.

5. Using Apps

Download Screenshot Easy App from Google Play Store. Past Just a Screenshot, you can do many things like Screen Recorder, Entire Website Page Capture, and Scroll Capture.
After installing this app, you can notice this app in the Notification Bar. Assuming that you tap Capture, It will capture the ongoing screen on your Mobile.

Screenshot Touch App
  • Download the Screenshot Touch App from Play Store.
  • It is similar to the above app. In any case, in my usage, It is easy to utilize because of the Touch Assistive menu. At the point when you tap that Logo, It will Pop-up with the choice for capture.
TouchMaster App
  • Download the TouchMaster (Assistive Touch) App from Play Store.
  • There are a lot of Touch Assistants available, But they are loaded with certain unwanted features. This app can make our work finished with less storage.


We hope this article is useful to you take a Screenshot of the Galaxy S21.  So, You can stick with Google Assistant. Taking Screenshots in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is equal in software and OS, and therefore the exact methods will work for them. If you are a regular user, I suggest you utilize Physical keys because you rarely use the Screenshot feature.

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