How to Fix Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working

How to Fix Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working

How to Fix Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working: Samsung has a wide variety of electronic gadgets for everybody out there. Among them, they manufacture TVs, and a portion of their TVs are even appraised as the best in the world. These TVs come with remotes, and at times these remotes don’t work the manner in which a client anticipates that they should. Once in a while, they break down, and this can be frustrating for the end-user.

So for every individual who is battling with their controllers on their Samsung TV. Here we have recorded every one of the potential arrangements that you can attempt to fix this issue. These fixes are straightforward, and anybody can give them a shot without technical problems.

1. Reset the Samsung Tv

Reset the Samsung Tv

To reset the Samsung TV, you really want to totally switch it off and keep it off for some time. Since the remote isn’t working, press the manual power off that you will find on your TV, behind or underneath the screen. When the screen is off, switch off the power supply to the TV and eliminate the power harmony from the power attachment.

Now, hang tight for 5 minutes with the power harmony separated. From that point forward, interface the power harmony to the TV once more and afterward turn on the button in the power attachment. When the TV turns on, take a stab at utilizing the remote once more. In the event that you are as yet not ready to utilize it appropriately, attempt the following arrangement referenced below.

2. Reset the remote

Reset the remote

  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Hold the power button down for 8 seconds
  • Embed the batteries back
  • Whenever this is done, your Samsung Tv Remote ought to begin working once more.
  • You could likewise restart your TV by controlling it off, turning off it from the electrical plug, and afterward walking out after about a moment.
  • Notwithstanding, on the off chance that the remote actually doesn’t work in the wake of resetting and restarting the TV, then, at that point, different variables could be liable for this.

3. Change the batteries

Change the batteries

Your Samsung Tv remote won’t be capable of assuming the batteries are frail or totally drained. To fix this, just change the batteries and guarantee to utilize the right ones. The right batteries to utilize are the 1.5V AA batteries.

  • Pop/slide the battery cover open (contingent upon your smart TV remote sort).
  • Eliminate the old batteries inside and put the new ones in.
  • Guarantee the battery polarities (+/ – ) are in the right direction as engraved on the rear of the remote.

4. Install a remote control application

Install a remote control application

There are applications for our phones that permit us to control our TV without a remote. We really want to guarantee that the phone and the TV are associated with a similar organization. Open up the application store or the play store on your Samsung phone.

  • Search for an Android TV controller application.
  • When you track down it, introduce it on your phone.
  • From that point onward, open the application. You will be expected to enter the TV model you are utilizing.
  • You will get a PIN after that. Enter the PIN shown on your TV screen, and the matching system will be finished with that.
  • Presently have a go at utilizing the remote once more. Attempt the accompanying arrangement referenced underneath in the event that you actually battle to utilize it with your TV.

5. Check for software updates

Check for software updates

On the off chance that you have a firmware update on your TV forthcoming establishment, you want to quickly introduce it. Most TVs illuminate a client when an update is free. So on the off chance that you have any such choice for a product update on your TV, introduce it immediately.

After the firmware update is finished, have a go at utilizing the web once more. Assuming you are as yet experiencing difficulty utilizing the remote, attempt the following arrangement referenced below.

6. Check if the remote is paired

Check if the remote is paired

Your smart TV remote unquestionable requirement has been paired with your TV to work in any case. Assuming that the remote quits working, this could be from an issue with the pairing.

  • Press the return button and the delay/play button together to show the pop-up matching window.
  • The matching/adjusting of the TV and remote happens consequently once the pop-up window comes up.
  • You’ll receive a message while the matching is successful.


That ends our article if your Samsung TV Remote isn’t working. The basic fixes above ought to have the option to free the controller and TV of any errors that might be the underlying driver of the issue. The steps above ought to assist you with solving minor issues your smart TV and remote may have.

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