How to Fix PS5 Controller Not Connect to PC

How to Fix PS5 Controller Not Connect to PC

How to Fix PS5 Controller Not Connect to PC: Is your PS5 Controller Not Connecting to your PS5 Console? Want to play the video games by connecting DualSense Controller successfully to your console? Many people are utilizing Sony’s video game consoles in order to play and enjoy games. PlayStation 5 is the new game console released by Sony developers.

When you look into the features, it includes multiple progressive choices compared to the previous consoles, such as PS4, PS3, etc. Even the PS5 Controller is also developed with an amazing look and in different colors. While playing or trying to connect the PS5 Controller, we face disconnection issues If you want to get full details about this problem and solve it, you have to read this article until the end.

1. Restart PlayStation 5

Restart PlayStation 5

Before some other techniques, simply restart your PlayStation 5 control center to fix this issue.

  • Most importantly, Turn Off Your Console By Pressing The Power Button And Hold It Until You Hear The Beep Sound.
  • Presently, Press The Power Button To Turn On Your Console.
  • Check whether you can utilize the Controller ordinarily while playing the games or not.

2. Check The USB Ports

Check The USB Ports

One of the significant explanations behind causing the PS5 Controller Not Connecting issue is harmed USB ports. If you are associating DualSense Controller to your control center through a USB link, the USB ports need to accurately work. On the off chance that the USB ports are loaded up with dust, then it won’t work by any means. Along these lines, check regardless of whether they are working accurately. On the off chance that, make an effort not to associate the USB link to other USB ports and check whether the Controller is working or not.

3. Check The USB Cables

Check The USB Cables

Is your USB Type-C link bowed or somewhat broken? Then, at that point, it will show these sorts of issues while associating the Controller to your control center. At the point when you fall under this issue, quickly check the USB link. What’s more, on the off chance that you observe any issues with it, purchase another link or utilize your Android link to associate your DualSense Controller to the control center.

3. Unpair Controller From Other Devices

Unpair Controller From Other Devices

A few clients utilize their PS5 Controller on various gadgets simultaneously. If you have a place with this class, you could draw in with this issue. To emerge from this issue, you need to utilize the DualSense Controller on a solitary control center. For that, distinction the Controller from any remaining gadgets.

4. Remove Other Hardware Peripherals

Remove Other Hardware Peripherals

We utilize different equipment peripherals, like headsets, outer HDD, and others, on our control center. Because of struggles with these gadgets, we deal with issues while associating the Controller with the PS5 console. That is the justification for why we suggest the client turn off that multitude of equipment gadgets from your control center. Presently, see whether the PlayStation 5 Controller is effectively associated with the control center or not.

5. Update PS5 Firmware

Update PS5 Firmware

If the above techniques neglected to address this PS5 Controller Not Connecting blunder, then, at that point, you really want to refresh the PS5 firmware. At times, it naturally distinguishes the more up-to-date refreshes and introduces them. In the event that it didn’t refresh, then, at that point, you need to refresh it physically, as displayed beneath.

  • In the first place, Connect Your PS5 Console To Stable Internet.
  • Explore The Following Path,
  • Go To The Settings – > Select System – > Click System Software – > Open The System Software Update and Settings – > Select Update System Software.
  • Presently, It Checks The Latest Updates And Installs Them (If Available).

6. Change The Controller Battery

Change The Controller Battery

One of the fundamental things that you need to check routinely is the battery on your Controller. It is really significant to uninterruptedly work Controller. Whether the battery gets released or terminated, you can’t charge your Controller. Subsequently, you can’t utilize it to mess around with your control center.

Besides, the Controller neglects to associate with your control center assuming the battery gets harmed. Along these lines, have a go at checking regardless of whether the issue is brought about by the battery by supplanting it with another battery. On the off chance that you effectively interface your PS5 Controller to the PS5 console, it affirms the shortcoming is with the battery.


PS5 Controller is an important device while playing video games. If any issue arises with the Controller, then solve it with an easy and simple method. In case you failed to connect the PS5 Controller to the console, then try fixing it through the above techniques.

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