How to Fix PlayStation 5 Not Turn On Issue in 5 Easy Ways

How to Fix PlayStation 5 Not Turn On Issue

How to Fix PlayStation 5 Not Turn On Issue: If you’ve been lucky sufficiently to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, you might have seen that the system can turn on by itself. That signature PlayStation console beep may unexpectedly take you by shock as the console suddenly starts to live without your doing anything. No, the insurgency of artificial intelligence isn’t here. At least not, however. But there are a number of causes why your PS5 could be turning on by itself.

New generation consoles have been notoriously hard to get. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has generated a global semiconductor chip shortage, affecting the exhibition of new consoles. The most recent models like the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X, and, surprisingly, the Nintendo Switch OLED framework have become staggeringly interesting, with restocks selling out quicker than you can squint. Also, it checks out, taking into account how much these new consoles can do.

1. Manually Reboot PS5

Holding down the power button for 15 seconds will make the console restart, with an advance notice showing up on the screen during the cycle. Also, in the event that you’re actually disapproving of your PS5 not turning on, continue on toward the following cure.

2. Check the Power Supply

Check the Power Supply

If you are experiencing difficulty with your Ps5 console not turning on, have a go at rebooting the console. Assuming the PS5 can’t stay powered on consistently, the power source ought to be checked.

You ought to inspect the power cable for harm by separating it from the AC (substituting current) source. On the off chance that it is harmed, you ought to take a stab at reaching the seller to check whether you can get a substitution. If so, stand by a couple of moments and afterward reconnect the power cord appropriately to the power source. From that point forward, have a go at turning on your console again to check whether the issue has been settled or not.

It is suggested that you detach the power cord from the PS5 console and plug it into a different attachment to supply power to the console on the off chance that the issue proceeds. Then, at that point, attempt to turn on the console once more. Assuming it neglects to turn on once more, you ought to go to the subsequent stage in the maintenance cycle.

3. Check the HDMI cable

Check the HDMI cable

In the event that your PS5 isn’t turning on, you ought to likewise check the HDMI connection in addition to the AC power cord. The HDMI cable can be reconnected to guarantee that it is appropriately connected.

The HDMI cable ought to be connected to the HDMI port on the rear of your PS5 console, with the opposite finish of the cable connected to the HDMI input on your TV. Kindly see the picture underneath for additional information. Then twofold check that the AC power cord is appropriately connected prior to endeavoring to turn on your PS5 console. On the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty turning on the PS5, take a stab at utilizing an alternate HDMI cable.

4. Reset Ps5

Reset Ps5

On the off chance that you actually can’t power on your PS5 after physically refreshing the framework firmware, you might have to consider resetting your console.

Kindly remember that all through the resetting method, all information on your console will be eradicated. Thus, if it’s not too much trouble, guarantee that you have depleted the first methodology as a whole, and utilize this one only when important to analyze the issue.

  • Start your PS5 console in Safe Mode.
  • At the point when the Safe Mode options show up, select Reset PS5 (the 6th option). Then, at that point, once the cycle has finished, pause.
  • On the off chance that the issue of the PS5 not turning on continues, you might have to reestablish the PS5 framework programming in Safe Mode.

5. Initialize PS5

Initialize PS5

By initializing your console, all system settings will return to default. Otherwise called a processing plant reset, and this is the least you can do to cure the PS5 won’t turn on issue.

Secure the external USB drive has adequately huge to hold your PS5 information and has arranged in FAT. In this way, we should return to PS5 and begin once again:

  • Connect your USB drive to your PlayStation 5.
  • Select System from the PS5 Settings menu.
  • Pick Back Up and Restore > As a backup, Now, on your PS5, pick the information you wish to backup and press the Next button.
  • Give your backup a name and select Back Up.
  • At the point when you press the X button on your controller, your information will start to backup.
  • After your information has completely upheld, turn off your USB device from the console.
  • Get back to PS5 settings and look down to Initialization.
  • Select Initialize PS5 > Full initialization from the menu.
  • Then, at that point, to complete the cycle, follow the on-screen directions.


I hope you understand How to Fix PlayStation 5 Won’t Turn On. If you are still having the same problem and are unable to resolve it, then immediately contact us to hire an expert who can solve all your PS5 Related issues.

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