How To Fix Ghost Touch Problem On Smartphones

How To Fix Ghost Touch Problem On Smartphones: If you are using a smartphone or tablet, touch functions may happen at forced timings. This phenomenon is called ghost touch (ghost tap), and a place different from the place where you originally tapped may be tapped, or a touch function may occur even though you have not operated anything.

You have set your device in your pocket and unexpectedly it starts clicking automatically without any cause. It starts misbehaving and your volume goes low to high and high to low again and again. This issue is known as Ghost touch in android devices.

Reasons Of Ghost Touch Issue

A single cause can’t be faulted for this issue as reason can’t be fixed. Here are a few potential reasons that can cause this issue and you should deal with these things.

  • Utilizing your smartphone with muddy or wet hands
  • Filthy Screen defender
  • Wrong Charger
  • Placing pressure on the Screen e.g Sitting with your phone in the pocket

Below, we will explain what to do when the ghost touch of your smartphone/tablet is terrible. The content of the countermeasure is assumed to be Android phone / iPhone / iPad.

1. Reboot the device

There might be situations where the phantom touch peculiarity happens because of an impermanent cell phone/tablet framework issue. On the off chance that the reason is a brief framework issue, restarting the gadget frequently settles it.

Reboot the device

So take a try at restarting your gadget and check whether the apparition contact gets to the next level. To restart the gadget, follow the means underneath.

For Android:

  • Press and hold the Power Button” and tap “Restart“.

For iPhone/ipad

  • Press and hold the Side/Top Button and Volume Adjustment Button at the same time, and drag the power of the slider.
  • At the point when the power is switched off, press and hold the side button/top button to begin it.
  • Press and hold Side Button/Top Button” and drag the power off slider.
  • At the point when the power is switched off, press and hold the side button/top button to begin it.

In the wake of restarting the gadget, check in the event that the touch activity can be performed ordinarily. If restarting the gadget doesn’t further develop Ghost Touch, continue to the following arrangement.

2. Remove Your Screen Protector

How about we start with the quickest and most essential fix. Most phones today have screen defenders. It has turned into a staple for each advanced smartphone notwithstanding phone organizations previously involving tough materials for screens. Clients observe that having a screen defender provides them with a feeling that everything is good with regard to the security of their screens.

Remove Your Screen Protector

Your screen defender might be having a major impact on why you’re encountering apparition contact. Once in a while, soil or dampness can stall out between your smartrphone screen and your screen defender. Accordingly, your phone might be perusing this as a touch input. All you need to do to figure this out is eliminate your screen defender and clean your smartphone.

3. Check Your Phone’s Temperature

A few smartphones will quite often turn out to be extremely hot during delayed times of purpose. It can likewise happen while you’re playing processor-concentrated games. These are the games that have extremely high specs that your phone can scarcely meet.

Due to the high temperature, your phone might have execution issues. This thus can cause phantom touch in light of the fact that your phone can’t as expected work.

Check Your Phone’s Temperature

It’s ideal to enjoy little reprieves in the middle of screen use. Additionally, remember to really take a look at your phone’s temperature every once in a while. Ensure that your phone has the opportunity and energy to rest and chill off. You ought to likewise abstain from utilizing your phone or playing almost a fire or under the sun. This will likewise contribute a ton to the warming up of your phone.

4. Disconnect the Charging Cable

As odd as it sounds, utilizing your phone while it’s associated with its charging link can cause phantom touch. This can happen on a more regular basis in the event that you’re utilizing a charger with problematic quality. What happens is that the charger and the link influence the usefulness of the digitizer. This digitizer is the sensor that is answerable for distinguishing your touch inputs.


Disconnect the Charging Cable

To check to assume the charger truly is an issue, have a go at connecting your smartphone to another charger and check whether the issue perseveres. In the event that your phone turns out great on an alternate charger, now is the ideal time to get another charger.

5. Perform a system update

There are many situations where apparition contact happens because of a deformity in the OS or firmware of the cell phone/tablet. The update will fix OS and firmware deserts, so play out a framework update to refresh the framework.

Perform a system update

For Android

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Tap “Framework.”
  • Click “Point by point settings.”
  • Wipe “Framework Update.”
  • On the off chance that “Update is accessible” is shown, tap “Download” to execute the update.
  • Follow the shown system to continue.

For iphone/ipad

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Tap “Structure.”
  • Tap “Point by point settings.”
  • press”Structure Update.”
  • In case “Update is open” is shown, tap “Download” to execute the update.
  • Follow the shown framework to proceed.


Apparition contact can be disappointing and confounding. What is more regrettable, it really might influence our work or our own lives in quite a few different ways. Fortunately, it isn’t unsolvable. Truth be told, we have aggregated a rundown of motivations behind why apparition contact could influence your smartphone and how to cure what is happening.

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