How To Fix a Lenovo Laptop Thats Not Turning On

How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Thats Not Turning On

How To Fix a Lenovo Laptop Thats Not Turning On: Lenovo laptops are in fact some of the best laptops, but sometimes, there appear some troubles which would be pretty annoying. One such ordinary problem with Lenovo laptops is they do not turn on, and it feels like they are stuck.

Whether or not many clients are complaining with regards to this power or sleep issue, still you ought not to fear since there is an answer. In this article, we will impart to you the technique to fix this repetitive issue. Presently, we will see what are the most ideal ways to troubleshoot these problems. You should initially take a look at the following things.

Before we give you the answer to the Lenovo PC power issue it is smarter to allow you to get what sort of issue we are talking about. Some of the time, the primary issue varies, and its finding is also other, however, people will quite often follow these strategies.

  1. Check the Hardware
  2. The Fan or the cooling system
  3. Power button drain method
  4. Use the Reset Hole
  5. Full power drain
  6. Using the Lenovo Novo button
  7. Remove the CMOS battery

1. Check the Hardware

How To Fix a Lenovo Laptop Thats Not Turning On

if you see that your laptop is injured or has a few scratches on it, then, at that point, you should visit a few specialists. The hardware issues of a laptop are not effectively fixed, so fixing them at home may be a waste of time and energy.

One normal hardware issue is the point at which you hear some bizarre sound while squeezing the power button. It is essentially on the grounds that the power button isn’t working out great.

One more hardware issue can be connected with RAM. The people who have recently supplanted their laptop RAM ought to consider assuming that the RAM is causing this issue. Slam can cause boot issues. The main answer to fixing this issue is to reinstall the RAM.

2. The Fan or the cooling system

 The Fan or the cooling system

Even the fact that Lenovo makes them great cooling designs for their laptops, there actually can be a few issues. The laptop’s inner protection system will switch it off if the PC gets overheated.

You should counsel a specialist to fix this issue, they will unblock the vents, and fix the PC cooling framework before it harms your PC considerably more. The handy solution is to close down the PC for quite some time and let it cool down.

3. Power button drain method

Power button drain method

Assuming you are presently certain that the fans and the cooling system are on the money, and the major issue is something different. Then, at that point, it will be smarter to initially take a look at the adapter and battery. You ought to follow these steps to look at the battery. The power button channel technique is a remote chance, yet it can work sometimes.

  • Turn off your PC.
  • In the event that you can eliminate the battery, eliminate it.
  • Press the power button and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Discharge the power button following 30 seconds, place the battery back.
  • Module the PC and attempt once more.

4. Use the Reset Botton

Use the Reset Botton

Yes, your Lenovo laptop comes with a reset button specifically for this problem.

  • Turn off your PC.
  • Observe any little material like a slender paper cut or a toothpick.
  • Observe the crisis reset opening someplace on your PC.
  • Press and hold the reset opening for 10 seconds utilizing the paper cut.
  • Turn on your PC and check whether it made a difference.

5. Full power drain

Full power drain


This cycle will expect you to empty all the power out of your PC. This will likewise require some dismantling.

  • Turn off the power.
  • Eliminate the base cover. You can observe some YouTube instructional exercises for that.
  • Eliminate both the batteries, inner and outside.
  • Press the power button and hold it for thirty seconds.
  • For every one of the batteries and set the base cover back on.
  • Module your PC and turn it on.

6. Using the Lenovo Novo button

. Using the Lenovo Novo button

The Lenovo IdeaPad accompanies a Novo button, it is simply alongside the power button on the Lenovo Ideapad. It is to go for the recuperation BIOS. You really want to follow these means to utilize this Novo button.

  • Whenever you have squeezed the Novo button, you will get to the recuperation method of the gadget.
  • Select the recuperation choice, and boot the framework.

7. Remove the CMOS battery

Remove the CMOS battery

This could be your keep going recovery, so clutch your battery and trust it works.

  • Turn off the power.
  • Eliminate the base shell of your PC. You can allude to a YouTube video for your model.
  • Eliminate the CMOS battery for 30 seconds.
  • Set the base shell back on.
  • Turn on your PC.

If you are able that you can get your PC to turn on, have a go at refreshing the BIOS. This can fix the issue of your PC not turning on.


Lenovo laptop’s power problems are essentially a direct result of misusing of the specialized gadgets. Luckily, this issue can be fixed effectively at home. Just in a couple of cases, one should contact the experts.

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