How To Clean Your Smartphone Speaker – Here’s The Simple Steps in 2023

Clean Your Smartphone Speaker

One of the questions on the minds of millions of phone users is how to clean the phone speaker. Cleaning the speaker is very important for phone usability. An indispensable means of communication in our age has now become the telephone. The first home phones were replaced by mobile phones over time. Now, with mobile phones, we can talk via video without calling the other person. Besides these, we can now do many things with our phones that we can do on computers and televisions.

We can now watch movies or videos, listen to music, and play games with our mobile phones. We all want quality audio performance with our phones. The most important factor that determines the sound quality of our devices is the quality of the phone’s speaker. Although the speaker in the phone we bought is at a high level, Care must be taken in using it properly and keeping it so that the efficiency of the speaker is not reduced by all the dust and dirt and we can use it. very sep. Below we provide some steps to clean your smartphone speaker.

1. Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuum Cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner If you want to get serious about cleaning your speaker, you should grab a vacuum cleaner from around the house and use it to suck up any dust or dirt inside it. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is turned off before plugging it in so you don’t accidentally damage your phone. You can use any of these tools to clean your phone’s speaker, but they’re all less effective than rubbing alcohol. So if you want to make sure you get the last bit of dirt, we recommend using it.

2. Cleaning with a Toothpick:

Cleaning with a Toothpick

One of the other tools we can use for speaker cleaning is a toothpick. A toothpick helps us a lot in cleaning the dirt in the speaker holes. What we need to pay attention to while cleaning the speaker with a toothpick is that we operate with soft movements while using the toothpick and do not press the phone speaker with the toothpick.

By inserting a toothpick into the pores of the dirt without applying pressure and ideally bending it we can pull out the dirt particles. If we don’t pay attention to the movements we make while cleaning with a toothpick, our loudspeaker can become completely unusable with the high pressure we apply. It is very important that our phone speaker focuses on this issue.

3. Cleaning with Tape:

Cleaning with Tape

We can use it on tape for speaker cleaning. First of all, we need to carefully stick the silicone tape to the speaker of our phone. So the tape penetrates the speaker part. Then we can slowly pull the tape from our phone’s speaker. Therefore, although there is no detailed cleaning, we can make sure that the dirt accumulated on the speaker is cleaned by sticking it to the band.

4. Locate the speakers on your phone:

Locate the speakers on your phone

Smartphone speakers are usually located on the left and right side below the charger port. Samsung’s speakers are usually on the bottom as well but are usually confined to the left or right side of the charger port. The ear speakers are almost always on the top of the front face of the phone where you put your ear.

  • Note alternative speaker locations, such as on the side near the volume button or at the bottom of the phone’s front face.
  • You may want to clean your phone screen first to remove any excess debris.

5. Rub a cotton swab on the outside of your speakers:

How to Clean Phone Speaker Using Silica Gel

Gently move it in circular motions over your speaker holes while applying slight pressure. Continue this process until all the dirt is out. If the speaker holes are large enough, press the swab into the holes. But don’t press too hard – just enough to get the cotton at the tip into the slot. Once inside, rub the swab left and right, applying slight pressure.

  • Change cotton swabs when they become dirty.
  • For better results, rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol on your cotton swab.

6. How to Clean Phone Speaker Using Silica Gel:


Rub a cotton swab on the outside of your speakers

  • Switch off your phone. If you have spilled water on your smartphone, you should switch off your phone first before learning how to clean your phone speaker. You need to switch off your gadget as soon as possible.
  • Use a towel to dry the phone. As long as the phone is off it should be safe to handle. Make sure the outside is properly dry.
  • Place the silica gel packs in a sealed plastic bag with the phone inside. You can buy silica gel packs online or find them lying around your home on the packaging. These small white packs usually have the phrase “Do not eat” printed on them.
  • Give the phone at least one day in the bag. A great place to get some sunlight to help remove moisture from the phone.
  • Turn on your phone. After checking for water traces you can turn on your phone.


We hope the above-providing methods are definitely useful to clean your Smartphone Speaker and if you have any questions regarding this article feel free to comment in the comment box.

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