Earth Day Tips- How To Protect Our Planet!


Earth Day is not just a celebration but is a necessity. The Earth day is an event we witness across the planet on 22nd April. Earth Day is an event to support environmental protection. A lot of communities participate in the event of Earth Day. In this article, we read on Earth Day Tips and how can we contribute to save our beautiful planet.

Listed below are the Earth Day tips which can contribute to health care and a greener planet and we can feel proud about our Planet and it’s surroundings.

Plant Trees

Earth Day is achieved if we plant even a single tree. If it is your office or your home it does not matter we just need to plant a single tree. It can also help clear some air.

Clean Your Locality

We need to get together and clean our locality for the beginning. Our locality requires maintenance and cleanliness and it is our responsibility as a human on the planet to make sure that it is not harmed. So no matter the age even kids and adults can together contribute to the task. They can together pick up trash, provide water to the plants in the area, Provide garbage bins, check if they are in good condition.

Usage Of Eco-Friendly Products

Earth Day also suggests to always use eco-friendly products for office and home. The most important thing is our packaging material and we have to make sure it is recyclable and can be used again. Using this kind of products will stop manufacturing of more things and will cause less garbage and air will remain free of toxic fumes.

Less Usage Of Material Like Paper

As to create paper wood is needed and for wood, people need to cut trees. So on Eart Day humans should pledge that they will use less paper in offices, schools and at home.

So Here are a few Earth Day Tips which need to be accepted and followed by all the citizens of our planet Earth.



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