How to Connect Laptop to Vizio Smart TV Wirelessly in 2023

Connect Laptop to Vizio Smart TV Wirelessly

The Vizio Smart TV range is amazing and although it is not as popular as other popular brands, it is still proving to be an excellent alternative in the market. The reason for this growing popularity is that they have something for everyone in many price ranges! You get all the important features including excellent overall performance and good picture quality. What this smart TV lacks in terms of high quality and premium components, it makes up for an excellent budget-friendly investment that is largely reliable.

As with all smart TVs, one of the best features that they offer to users is the smart features that make it so easy to connect them to most external and wireless devices. It increases your viewing range and makes gaming marathons or movie nights for friends and family even better! For sharing the screen of your laptop, tablet, or another device on a widescreen, your Vizio Smart TV is a truly excellent choice. While your TV may be limited in the file formats it can read, your laptops are generally designed not to! So connecting your laptop to your Vizio TV wirelessly is a brilliant idea! Are you experiencing the surface pro touchscreen not working? Check out its different solutions. If one solution doesn’t work for you, choose the next one for all possible scenarios!

1. Download and utilize the Plex app:

Download and utilize the Plex app

Plex, like Chromecast, is a screen-sharing option that ensures you can use a wireless connection between your TV and your laptop to seamlessly view your favorite content. With Plex, you get an easy way to share your content, whether audio or visual, for streaming on any device.

To make sure this method works, you need to download the Plex app. With this, you can start streaming through Vizio TV or you can use Vizio Smart TV to stream its content on your smartphone or laptop. It doesn’t matter if you’re using iOS or Android as both are supported. Also, note that you need to register in the Plex app and cannot use Plex for screen mirroring.

  • Simply, download and install the Plex app on your Vizio Smart TV.
  • Although you can subscribe, free is enough to stream your content.
  • Once this is done, all of your Plex content will appear on your TV.

2. Using chrome Cast:

Using chrome Cast

Google Chromecast is another way to stream videos from your laptop to your Vizio Smart TV. You can view and cast any Chrome tab from your laptop with the click of a button. But to connect your laptop to your smart TV, you need to have the latest version of Google Chrome browser on your laptop. Despite this action, update your Google chrome browser with its latest version; After this, follow these steps.

  • Connect your laptop and Visio Smart TV with the same WIFI connection; Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect the two wirelessly.
  • Open the Chrome browser and click on the three dots available at the right corner of the browser.
  • Click on the Cast option (If you don’t see the Cast option, it means your laptop or smart TV is not connected to the same WiFi).
  • After clicking on Cast, you will see available casting devices to connect wirelessly; If you see a Vizio Smart TV listed there, click on the Cast Desktop option.
  • Now connect your laptop wirelessly and select your smart TV to stream. (Once you’re connected, you’ll see your laptop screen on your Vizio Smart TV.
  • If you want to do discount costing, click on the Cost button and select Stop.

An easy and powerful built-in feature in Chrome Browser to cast your laptop to your Vizio Smart TV in this manner, you don’t need any external device to purchase, and you can connect wirelessly to avoid the wiring mess. Although we consider it the best option since you don’t need installation for casting, everything is already available since it’s a smart TV built-in feature.

3. Use Miracast:

Use Miracast

Miracast is another new technology to connect your laptop with your Vizio Smart TV. Through a Miracast connection, you can play games, watch movies or make a PowerPoint presentation. On a laptop with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, Miracast is already installed. Click on the notification button on your operating system, then a menu will pop up, and then click Connect. After connection, it allows you to mirror your laptop screen to your smart TV. If you don’t have them, update your drivers or buy Miracast adapters. You can buy a dedicated Miracast receiver and connect it to your laptop.

We recommend you connect Miracast to your laptop wirelessly as it is more economical. As with HDMI, video resolution is still limited to 1080p and you won’t be able to stream 4k. Not good for gaming as you may experience display lag, not good for pro gamers.

  • Look in the lower right corner of your laptop and select Devices.
  • Click on the project and add a wireless display.
  • Click on the second screen only; Now, you can watch your laptop screen on your Vizio Smart TV.

4. By Using Wireless HDMI:

By Using Wireless HDMI

HDMI is an excellent choice for watching high-quality videos with high-speed transmissions. With wireless HDMI, you no longer need cables for active links. However, HDMI is the cheapest and easiest way to connect your laptop and smart TV. A wireless HDMI extender transmits HDMI data wirelessly. Thus, data is transferred wirelessly from the transmitter to the receiver. This allows you to plug your smart TV into an adjacent box and your laptop into another adjacent box using another HDMI cable. This connection or pairing of devices works like HDMI cables.

Unlike wired HDMI, a wireless HDMI connection is better because it works better up to 100 feet. Additionally, your home wireless network traffic will not interfere with the HDMI wireless connection. But through such a connection, you cannot stream 4K HDR content. If you do, they will be associated with a lot more video lag. Similarly, you have to face an awkward experience while playing heavy games through a wireless HDMI connection. Most HDMI extenders don’t go above 1080p. That’s why you have to compromise in such situations. Despite these limitations, HDMI wireless is the best way to watch your favorite show on your smart TV. Play laptop games on your Vizio Smart Tv and follow our other methods to connect two devices wirelessly.

  • Connect the transmitter to your laptop via the USB port on your device.
  • Then connect the receiver to your smart TV and enjoy your favorite shows.


We have discussed the most reliable methods of connecting your laptop to your Smart TV wirelessly. All these methods are beneficial in many ways. If you have any queries regarding this guide, feel free to comment in the box.

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