Best Ice Cream Makers That Can Serve You A Cold Delight

best ice cream makers

If you want to make ice cream at your home what can be better than an electric ice cream maker? These come in all kinds of price ranges so, it doesn’t matter if you’re low on cash or if you’ve got a big budget. We have selected the best ice cream makers available from the lower budget options to high price options. So, check out the recommendation list & you’ll hopefully find a good one for yourself.

Best Ice Cream Makers – GeekStar Recommendations

Orbit Gelato

The Orbit Gelato is 1.5 liters in capacity. It is quite compact in size & it also has that transparent lid thing going on which actually looks pretty good. It is the cheapest option we have on this list. Right now it is selling for 2,499 INR. If you want a good budget option, this can be the one for you.

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Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream Maker

Now, if you do have a slightly higher budget, you can have a look at the Kitchenif Digital Ice Cream Maker. This one is also 1.5 liters but, it has slightly better build quality & it looks better too. Right now it is selling for 4,873 INR.

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Hamilton Beach 68330R

This one is slightly in the mid-range area. It has a 4-quart ice-cream maker system which is slightly advanced than the other two. Right now it is selling for 8069 INR.

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Cuisinart Ice-21

The Cuisinart Ice-21 is definitely better than the Hamilton 68330R. It has a larger capacity, it can make both ice cream & frozen yogurt. Its double-insulated freezer bowl cuts off the need for ice to keep things chilly. Right now it is selling for 9499 INR.

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Cuisinart ICE30

This one is the most premium option we have here. It makes Ice Cream, Sorbet, and Frozen Yogurt. It has a 2-liter capacity & takes 20-25 minutes to prepare frozen dishes. The process is completely automated so, that’s cool too. Also, it has a super premium look & build quality. Right now it is selling for 23499 INR.

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Those were our top recommendations for the best ice cream makers that you can consider buying for your home. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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