Best Gaming Laptops Under $300 – Should Buy In The Year 2022

Best Gaming Laptops Under $300: Are you searching for gaming laptops for under 300 dollars? Of course, in the world of gaming, a laptop with high specs and the top or tardily processor is the number one importance, but that does not suggest that others cannot work. However, the search for cheap gaming laptops can be daunting, viewing so many poor options around.

To allow you in on a little industry mystery, did you know that the most helpful, the definitive best gaming laptop with the highest specs can cost you $1500- $2000? Well, you do not maintain to let it hold you from recreating again because today, with less than $300, you can purchase yourself a laptop for fair gaming. But you have to be very alert when choosing a cheap gaming laptop that will help your purpose.

Gaming Laptops Under $300

gaming laptops under $300

With that in mind, is there a lot of hope for you if you have $300 or a little more and you want a laptop that you can utilize for gaming?

  • HP Stream Laptop PC 14-aX010nr
  • ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6 Inches
  • HP 15.6-inch 15-f004dx Laptop
  • HP 15-F222WM TouchScreen Laptop – 15.6 Inches
  • Lenovo Premium High Performance 15.6 inch Laptop

1. HP Stream Laptop PC 14-aX010nr

HP Stream Laptop PC 14-aX010nr

The laptop estimates 8.9 inches x 13.3 inches x 0.7 hairs and weighs narrowly above 3 pounds. It arrives download with office 365 personnel. This is supposed a Windows Device, and hence you will want all the safety features, the invention of Windows, and many more. You can use it for schoolwork, home requirements like music, and watching films, and you can also use it for gaming.

With its battery that stays for more than 10 hours and 4GB RAM, this computer permits multitasking. It performs amazing for MS excel, word processing, Skype, internet research, streaming from Netflix, and uploading and installing YouTube videos.

Advantages Of The HP Stream Laptop

  • little enough to fit into a backpack
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Looks decent
  • It has a useful keyboard that loosens room for error
  • Short all bloatware, the PC is quick
  • Reasonable rate

Disadvantages Of The HP Stream Laptop

  • Not the most ideal quality speakers
  • Webcam is grainy
  • Just working for extremely light gaming

2. ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6 Inches

 ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 11.6 Inches

It Measures 11.6 inches (moderately standard thinking about what is on the lookout), and it weighs marginally over 2 pounds. Therefore, it is reasonable to travel or drive around with. Its spill-resistant keyboard can oppose spills of more than 66cc of fluid. This laptop has a flash storage of 16 GB, RAM size of 4 GB. Even when utilized actively, the battery lasts for 10 hours before charging again. These features make it one of the best gaming laptops under 300 dollars on Amazon.

Advantages Of The ASUS Chromebook

  • 80-degree pivot
  • Simply 2.65 pounds, so really light
  • Long battery duration (as long as 10 hours)
  • Built-up elastic wrapped casings
  • Truly reasonable cost
  • Spill-verification console
  • The screen is cordial to the eyes with HD antiglare quality
  • Remotely viable associate with smart TV through the inbuilt HDMI port

Disadvantages Of The ASUS Chromebook

  • It tends to be a work slow if a lot of piled with records
  • It doesn’t have the lock of a cover on the keyword

3. HP 15-F222WM TouchScreen Laptop – 15.6 Inches

HP 15-F222WM TouchScreen Laptop – 15.6 Inches

This baby fills some amazing specifications like Intel Quad-Core Pentium N3540 Processor, 4GB random access memory, 500GB Hard Drive, and it will be sold established with Windows 10. This laptop has a superb touch screen and a quadcore processor, perfect for regular use. The PC likewise includes a regular island-style touchscreen console with a mathematical keypad.

It has 1 x DC-in port, 1 x USB port 2.0, 1 x Ethernet, 1 x DC-in port, 1 x HDMI port, 2 x USB 3.0 and one port for amplifier or earphone jack. The PC regards 5.05 lbs.

Advantages Of The HP TouchScreen Laptop

  • Up to 1792 MB, absolute designs memory in its Intel HD Graphics makes gaming incredible fun.
  • Huge screen – 15.6 crawls for a great gaming experience
  • Incredible cost for all the elements
  • You can boost it to more power
  • The touchscreen is a wonder, will react to your touch quick
  • Set it up quickly and begin gaming

Disadvantages Of The HP TouchScreen Laptop

  • The plastic format of the keyboard causes it to feel reasonable
  • Just 5 hours of battery duration.
  • Numerous firmware updates can disturb.
  • It tends to be a bit slow. Use it for more seasoned games

4. HP 15.6-inch 15-f004dx Laptop

HP 15.6-inch 15-f004dx Laptop

This HP PC accompanies Windows 8.1 currently introduced. It is a little laptop for high technological specifications. Some of the unique features include the 500GB hard drive for hold, 4GB DDR3 RAM, and of course, the Windows operating system. The processor speed is very fast, and the PC can run different programs and applications at the same time. This creates it very effective as a light gaming computer.

Advantages Of The HP 15-f004dx Laptop

  • Modest for an HP PC
  • Simple to set up
  • It comes with a laptop bag
  • AMD Radeon HD 8210 illustrations make it an ideal PC for gaming
  • Remote network

Disadvantages Of The HP 15-f004dx Laptop

  • Nearly heavier than many in this rundown (5 pounds)
  • It is missing Bluetooth
  • A few clients say it doesn’t function admirably with Chrome

5. Lenovo Premium High Performance 15.6 inch Laptop

Lenovo Premium High Performance 15.6 inch Laptop

This laptop measures 15.6 inches. The high resolve that has games jumping right out of the screen at you makes it perfect for gaming. With a battery that lasts for more than 4 hours, you can even play when it is not filled in, which could drain the battery fast.

It arrives with an Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor, 6 GB of RAM, 500 GB HDD, DVDRW, Bluetooth, and 802.11AC Wi-Fi. Other features contain a micro SD card reader to move material from computer to SD card and vice versa. More than different laptops, this one is designed with laptop gaming in mind, creating it one of the best gaming laptops for under 300 dollars.

Advantages Of The Lenovo Premium

  • It merits the cost
  • Convenient
  • Underlying media reader
  • It is lightweight
  • Great handling speed
  • Simple to set up

Disadvantages Of The Lenovo Premium

  • It just comes in black
  • Battery duration could be better


These are available laptops made for general-purpose use. But we have chosen these cheap laptops in this list of laptops under $300mainly because these are right for light gaming. You can readily play games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, Duelyst, Darkest Dungeon, Sleeping Dogs, Risk of Rain, FTL, Dungeon Keeper 2, Endless Legend, Civilization 5, The Binding of Isaac, Space Marine, Stardew Valley, Warhammer 40,000, Owlboy, and many other popular games on these gaming laptops.

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