How to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Issue – Best Methods in 2023

Avast UI Failed to Load Issue

We live in a digital age where almost everyone who uses a computer or smartphone is on the Internet. Almost every service that was once done offline is now performed online. There are many more services available online. But as the number of threats and frauds have increased, so has the number of people using the internet. Anyone who uses the Internet does not have complete information about the Web. There are many anti-virus software available today. Some offer paid services, while others are free to download and use. In some times you get an error message like Avast UI failed to load issue. we don’t know what the reason behind it.

These conditions have forced users of your  PCs to use anti-virus software, especially those who are constantly online and are at high risk.  Avast is one of the most effective antivirus programs available today. Avast is one of the most in-depth free antiviruses used by many users. It is a very useful antivirus program to get rid of minor and major malware and viruses in the system. Once you have it in your system you will stay away from hassles. When you restart or reboot your system after updating Avast Antivirus, you may receive the following error message: “Failed to load Avast Ul”. Pressing ‘Exit’ and ‘Restart’ will not fix this error. When encountering an error, Avast Ui says, “…really annoying, it’s not responding”. Below we provide some methods to help you fix Avast UI failed to load error.

1.Restart Avast Antivurus Service:

Restart Avast Antivurus Service

  • Use the RUN dialog box to navigate to Services. Use your keyboard shortcut Windows+R or from the Start menu by typing run in the search box.
  • To start the Services Wizard, enter the services.msc command in the dialog box and click OK.
  • Look for Avast Antivirus in the list. By default, items are arranged alphabetically. Right-click on Avast Antivirus and select Start. If the option is grayed out, go to the next step.
  • A prompt for Service Control will appear on the screen, trying to allow the service. After completion, the status of Avast Antivirus will be displayed as Running.
  • Restart your system to make sure the service is running in the backdrop when you start your system.

2. Update or Repair Avast Antivirus:

Update or Repair Avast Antivirus

If you are here it means the above two methods didn’t work. Now you need to upgrade or repair your Avast Antivirus. This should fix any previously identified problems or corrupted files at the source of the problem. Follow the steps below.

  • By pressing Windows+X, you can access apps and features.
  • Locate and select the problematic Avast antivirus program from your computer. Then select Uninstall.
  • Select Update and follow the on-screen instructions to update the program.
  • Restart your computer and launch the Avast interface.

3. Utilize The In-Built Avast Repair Tool:

Utilize The In-Built Avast Repair Tool

If the above solution doesn’t work, running the Avast repair program through the Avast setup wizard can fix the Avast UI failed-to-load error. The built-in Avast repair tool helps reset your software configuration by fixing or replacing outdated, corrupted, or missing program files.

  • To access the repair option, the user can go to the Add or Remove Programs section of the Control Panel.
  • After that, locate the Avast Anti-Virus program and right-click. Avast Setup will open after clicking on Change in the drop-down option.
  • Once in the configuration, select the option to repair the program. It will repair and update your Avast software.
  • A recommended restart should be done to make sure everything is fixed. This should fix the issue where Avast UI fails to load.

4. Uninstall And Reinstall Avast Antivirus:

Uninstall And Reinstall Avast Antivirus

If updating or repairing Avast Antivirus does not resolve the issue, you may need to reinstall Avast Antivirus to resolve the underlying issues causing the user interface to crash. However, before accomplishing so, you must clear all paths of the program. Avast Uninstall Utility can help you. Visit to download avastclear.exe. Once you’ve got it, drag it from your Downloads folder to your desktop for easy access.

  • After downloading Avast Uninstall Utility, run it.
  • Select Yes to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode.
  • Select Yes again to confirm. Your system should expel into secure mode and load the operating system. The Avast Uninstall utility will be found automatically.
  • Select the Uninstall option.
  • Restart the computer to restart Windows 10 normally.
  • Run and download the Avast installer to reinstall the anti-malware tool on your system. You can sign in if you have a paid version of Avast to re-authenticate the software.


Avast is definitely one of the best free antivirus software in the world, but sometimes it gives an error message like Failed to load Avast UI problem. So above we have provided some methods to fix this type of error. We hope the above guide will definitely help you and if you have any queries regarding this guide then comment in the comment section.

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