How to Fix Airplay Not Working on Roku Tv Quickly in 2023[Latest]

Airplay Not Working on Roku Tv

AirPlay is one of the most convenient methods for sharing content from Apple devices to streaming players like Roku. AirPlay is a wireless technology that allows users to stream music and video content from Apple devices to other devices connected to the same network. It will enable users to screen mirror movies, music, and other media content from their Apple device to Roku TV in seconds.

AirPlay works seamlessly with Roku TV. But like any other technology, the problem arises when AirPlay fails to connect to Roku. Therefore, you won’t be able to enjoy using Apple AirPlay and Homekit on Roku. Such problems can occur for many reasons, the good news is that you can fix them yourself! Here is this guide where we list the methods by which you can solve the problem.

Why Is AirPlay Not Working on Roku?

In general, AirPlay connects seamlessly to any compatible your Roku device. But sometimes, the connection fails due to several reasons listed below:

  • Your Roku or Apple device needs to be updated.
  • Your Apple device and Roku are not connected to the same WiFi connection.
  • Your internet connection speed is slow.
  • Your Roku device is not in the Apple device range.
  • AirPlay feature may be disabled on your Roku device.
  • Your Roku device is not AirPlay compatible.

Seven Ways to Fix AirPlay Not Working on Roku TV:

As mentioned above, most AirPlay does not work on Roku TV issues due to minor technical glitches or network issues. And regardless of the reason, you can fix the Airplay not working issue without any hassle. Below are the most working methods to fix AirPlay problems.

1. Check For Software Updates and Compatibility:

Check For Software Updates and Compatibility

If you want to connect your Roku TV with the help of AirPlay, your Roku TV must be running on the latest software version of Roku TV. If your Roku TV is running version 9.4 or higher, AirPlay will connect to it quickly. However, if the Roku TV is running below version 9.4, you may encounter a problem. To avoid this problem, we suggest that you regularly check for software updates. You can check for software updates by following the listed steps.

  • First of all, go to Settings.
  • After that, select System Options.
  • Click on About. Now, check the version. If it’s 9.4 or higher, you’ll be able to connect to AirPlay. Otherwise, the older version does not support AirPlay.

2. Restart The Wi-Fi Router:

Restart The Wi-Fi Router

You may not be able to connect AirPlay to Roku TV due to connectivity issues. However, you can quickly fix this by restarting the Wi-Fi router. We are doing this because sometimes, this problem can occur due to weak signals. If AirPlay or Roku TV is receiving weak signals from the Wi-Fi router, then you may encounter AirPlay not working on Roku TV.

3. Reset The Network Connection:

Reset The Network Connection

If there are some issues with Roku TV’s network settings, you may not be able to connect to AirPlay. This can happen if you have connected many devices before. To fix this problem, you need to reset the Roku TV’s network settings. It restores factory settings, so everything is expected. After that, you can solve the problem.

4. The device Must be on the Same WiFi Network:

Another method to fix AirPlay not working on Roku TV is to check the WiFi connection. Ideally, yo

The device Must be on the Same WiFi Network

ur AirPlay device and Roku should be using the same network connection, and you can verify that by navigating to Settings > Network > About on your Roku.

If the device is using a different WiFi connection, you can switch it to your iPhone device’s WiFi network. You can connect AirPlay and use it for screen mirroring.

5. Check Devices Must Have the Latest Software:

Check Devices Must Have the Latest Software

Roku streaming devices are set to update automatically every 24 hours. But if they fail to update automatically, they may not connect to AirPlay properly. Similarly, Apple devices need to be updated regularly to function smoothly. After updating Roku and iOS devices, try to connect AirPlay again, it should work now.

6. Factory Reset Roku TV:

Factory Reset Roku TV

If after trying all the above-mentioned methods with your Roku TV but the problem is still not resolved then we suggest you try a factory reset on Roku TV. This will restore all settings to normal and start everything from scratch, just like when you bought the TV. After you factory reset the TV, the settings will be set to default and other settings will also be set to default. So, everything will be reconfigured on your TV. After this, AirPlay not working problem on Roku TV will be solved.

7. Contact Customer Support:

Contact Customer Support

Even after trying all the above methods, if you are still facing the problem, we suggest you contact customer support for both of your Android devices. There are chances that the problem is caused by any other system error. Contact them via email and clarify the issue you are facing.


Many users are facing the issue of Airplay not working on Roku TV. There are many reasons why you might be facing this problem. In this post, we have listed the methods by which you can fix the problem. Try all of them properly and check if it works for you. However, if you have any queries after implementing the above methods, feel free to comment in the comment box.

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